Permanently delete files and wipe free space with BCWipe
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For most users, it is good to have a recycle bin in Windows, as it gives you the chance to repent from deleting a specific file. However, many people do not know that your files may still be accessible even after emptying the recycle bin, which is the basis of those programs that can recover lost data. This is obviously an advantage but, at the same time, it represents a great threat to your privacy. Therefore, for those files you want to delete for good, there are applications like BCWipe, which is being reviewed here.

The application works similarly to other tools of the same type; yet, its interface does not resemble those of any of them. That is why it may require some time to explore and get accustomed to its philosophy. Something that may confuse the users is that there is the main window, a sort of a control panel, from where you launch other features, which in turn appear as separate utilities.

Fortunately, the program works in two modes. First, there is an on-demand operation, which shreds all deleted data from your storage devices. Second, there is transparent wiping, which you can activate so that any file gets automatically wiped the very moment you delete it. Additional wiping procedures include clearing the free and hidden areas of your disks as well as erasing the Internet and local histories. However, compared to other similar tools, this one does not have as many features intended to protect your privacy while browsing. For example, you cannot say which cookies you want to keep.

One of the greatest advantages of this tool is the extensive list of wiping protocols, including U.S DoD 5200.22-M(ECE) and Peter Gutmann. Not only can you choose one of them but also create your own combinations, or set a specific number of passes. So, as to effectiveness, this product is probably one of the safest data shredding programs available. Another advantage of BCWipe is that you can schedule wiping jobs to run at a particular time and include a list of specific folders.

In general, I am pleased with BCWipe, even though the trial version did not allow me to benefit from sophisticated wiping protocols. There is no real free version because you will not be able to use the program 25 days after its installation.

Pedro Castro
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  • Multiple data wiping protocols.
  • Combining protocols allowed.
  • Instant wiping after deletion.
  • Clears free and hidden disk areas.
  • Local and Internet history wiping.
  • Wiping schedules.


  • Unintuitive interface.
  • Keeping specific cookies not supported.
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